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Take a look at our incredible proposal. We offer the OEE Toolkit license with guarantee, ´no cure - no pay´. The ´cure´ is the improvement of your productivity. As the installation can be executed via internet your investment will be zero !
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Complete implementation, training and free software license of OEE Toolkit*.
A system which helps management, staff and operators to calculate, visualize and analyze the production results theirselves.
There is even the possibility to implement and train via internet.

Step 1) Communication of management to employees about the implementation of production indicators.

Step 2) Basic training*** for management, staff and engineers about OEE. In this training will be made clear what are the Six Big losses,  OEE and how to avoid the pitfalls for implementation of the OEE in your plant. The training will be set up with exercises to improve the understanding of the OEE. Duration: 3 hours.

Step 3) Groupwork with 2-3 engineers/shiftleaders explaining the OEE Toolkit and defining the parameters for your plant. Installation of the OEE Toolkit software on the network. Duration: 2 hours

--------------------not included---------------------------------------

Step 4) Basic OEE training for one group/shift/line of operators. The so–called 'pilot-group'.  Implementation of a production-loss registration sheet for the operators and exercises to improve the understanding of the OEE and the awareness of the production losses. Training duration: 2 x 2 hour classroom training and after this a practical implementation on the shop-floor with support.

Step 5) After a few weeks, dependent on the results of the pilot-group, an evaluation of the project.

Step 6) Roll-out for the other production lines and shifts. Personal explanation and support of the OEE toolkit software for the several advanced users. Steering until the objective of productivity improvement is achieved.



* The free OEE Toolkit license is limited to 3 machines or productionlines. Prices of other licences on request.

** excluding travel expenses, lodging and VAT (or other taxes)

*** training in English, German, Portuguese or Dutch language