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Every day much production capacity is lost without this being noticed. This hidden machine effectiveness is a first step towards productivity improvement.

One hundred percent effectiveness?

When measuring productivity we usually think of the output of a machine or installation. We count the produced units and determine a standard based on our experiences. However, we never look at the quantities which could have been produced......using the same machine, the same resources and the same team. This difference is often 50% or more!

To achieve a higher output, a production team which wants to work smartly focuses on these hidden losses.


Equipment effectiveness and OEE

The effectiveness of machinery or the realized output depends on the production time, the production speed and the production quality. These three elements together determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The secret lies in the accurate identification of bottlenecks, downtime, waiting times, speed loss, irregularity and units produced which do not meet specifications.

By measuring and registering the OEE, daily feedback is ensured of the actual performance, and the production team is able to react promptly. Even a slight increase in OEE can result in significant productivity improvement. This is why measuring equipment effectiveness in a structured way is so important.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness