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The OEE Toolkit is a powerful tool to eliminate unnecessary production loss.

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The OEE Toolkit

Identifying lost production capacity requires adequate registration. The OEE Toolkit is a powerful tool for registering, processing and analysing the values registered during production. Click here to read more about data collection.

The software of the OEE Toolkit immediately shows the results. In this way, the OEE reports provide operator and management with essential and, most important, accurate information. By using the OEE structurally as the startingpoint for production, the operator will be able to utilize hidden capacity and achieve higher productivity, using the same resources. The information makes it possible to choose a different way of working, to work together in a smarter way and to gear tasks to one another. The strength of the OEE Toolkit is its ability to quickly reveal unnecessary losses and to visualize the effect of losses on daily production.

OEE Toolkit: power to your productivity

The OEE Toolkit is very easy to use, which makes it an effective tool. With only a few, relatively easy to measure values such as time, speed and quantity the OEE Toolkit provides immediately usable management information as a basis for the continuous improvement of productivity. The discovery that achieving higher outputs without working harder or longer is possible, precisely by tackling these hidden losses, presents a positive challenge to any production team. Using the OEE leads to higher commitment and with the OEE Toolkit people's influence on the production process increases. Start using Overall Equipment Effectiveness today and take a first step on the road that leads to World Class Performance.

The OEE Toolkit:

Easy to install Paradox or MS SQL Server database on network or PC in several languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish, Greek

License with unlimited users and PC's

Three ways to collect data; manual, automatic or connected to an existing database

Manual data collection takes a few minutes per shift

Automatic data collection by touchscreen or Remotecollect. With one PC on the shopfloor it is possible to monitor 9 machines

Communication via OPC, ODBC and file transfer with SCADA, PLC, MES and ERP. No double registration necessary

Including implementation manual, registration forms and training methods



The OEE Toolkit is not just a software tool, but covers all the needs for thorough implementation in any manufacturing organisation.

Princen Consultoria Ltda. supports companies with the implementation of TPM and OEE.